Happy 2nd Birthday Cian !

some picture from Cians birthday morning …..should have dressed him better i guess ( and we should have showered !!) we all had a fab day, with a party in the house in the afternoon with some of Cians new friends, he had a whale of time but i guess was overwhelmed too! some more pcitures laterxx








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  1. Caroline Murphy

    Well I am happy to see that my godson is continuing in the tradition of musicality…he now has his own piano, and I like to think that I have been a good influence on him, since he liked mine so much last year! (I expect him to have mastered the Scale of C Major next time I’m round…..!) Its a cool piano – but pity Noel taught all the kids how to get that horrible screeching feedback sound from it by putting the microphone up to the speakers…..Sorry Helen & Marc!!!!