summer shots

Cians first attempt at a ride on toy ( mid summer), Unkle Owen & Cian having dinner, Godmum Caroline & Cian in the garden, Me and my new haircut( mind you could do with another go now!), Marc smiling ( not thats thats a rare occurance!xx) Me at my friends wedding ( the one in whites the bride) a real rare find….Dad LOOKING at the camera! & mum getting a well derserved kiss

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3 responses to “summer shots”

  1. He’s the Image of Marc now, isn’t he?

  2. Dolly Purdy

    Beautiful baby – needs a touch of Australian sun.

  3. Dolly Purdy

    Dolly says”he is gorgeous””
    Hope he is a bundle of joy and not too much hard work.
    PS It is harder with Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!