I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you’re eyesight is not failing you …Owen it really cleaning his car!!! So, it would seem that Owen will only clean this car when a: theres a girl around to impress, and / or b: when his brother pays to have it valeted as a gift…….hmmmmm….



2 responses to “I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Owen rolling his sleeves up! Wow! I can see my face in that car, which I can now see is a Renault Laguna. Jean mentioned that as it was his birthday it must be car valet time again!


    Hi Helen, Marc and Cian,
    Know its been a long time no see,no hear!
    What a cute little man,please come to visit any time,Stephen and Abigail would love to meet their cousin. Karen x
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